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Thai Bath video type

Thai Bath

My first hotel in Thailand had a huge bath with an amazing view! What else am I to do than play around a lil bit! I had to be quick though before my friends came back! But that didn’t stop me from cumming twice! Once with my hands and once with the shower head! What else are those things for anyways?

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Draft Day D video type

Draft Day D

The other day I was hanging out at my friend Damon Dice’s house and apparently it was a super important fantasy football draft day!! This means he could not be so easily distracted! I didn’t care though!! I wanted the D and I wanted to prove that I could get it! Any guy that loves football can appreciate this one! Turns out men CAN focus on two things at once!

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What’s For Dessert video type

What’s For Dessert

One time, one of my fans asked me for a personal video. He wanted me to cover myself in chocolate syrup and sprinkles and fuck myself with a cucumber! I thought it might be kinda fun and it was. I came really hard.

But.. what a sticky fucking mess. I bet I tasted like a chocolate cucumber salad after that!

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The Ex Files video type

The Ex Files

Here’s a compilation of all me with my ex! It’s only about 6 minutes long which is pretty much longer than he could last lol.

But seriously, just because things don’t end up good, doesn’t mean there wasn’t some good times getting there, right?

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