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Fortnite & Fuckin’ VIP video type

Fortnite & Fuckin’ VIP

Pretty much nothing can keep me from getting dubs in Fortnite but Troy definitely tried his hardest! So damn hard to focus when he’s eating my pussy! I might not have won that time but I did get a special prize!

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Stuck for Santa VIP video type

Stuck for Santa VIP

This year, while I was putting out milk and cookies for Santa, I got stuck underneath my coffee table and I had to wait all night for Santa to come set me free! To make matters worse I accidentally bumped the milk over while trying to get out and it spilled all down my ass & tights! But Santa didn’t care! He had a big present to deliver to me and he definitely did not cum early this year!

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Hinge Date VIP video type

Hinge Date VIP

I went on a date with some guy from hinge and things were going well so I invited him back to my place. We started smoking and making out and he was surprisingly down to record some naughty videos! He did not disappoint and I definitely gave him an experience he will never forget!

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The Rome Major Experience VIP video type

The Rome Major Experience VIP

This was my first time with Rome and he did not disappoint! He put me in literally every position possible! Plus there’s foot play and rim job! So much naughty content you’ll probably cum at least 3 times!

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